Electric Amber in every chamber

Touch me touch me

And I glow
 stroke me stroke me

And I grow

Breathe me

And real slow

Ho ho 

Ho ho 

Really slow
I will show

Touch me touch me

With your heart

Stroke me with your art

Watch me

And slowly

I’ll be a part

In soft electricity

Rub me rub me

And I sparkle 

Stroke me everywhere 

Listen …

How I sizzle 

Listen … 

Electric Amber in every chamber

Hear me speaking 

Touch me


The cracks are leaking

And I glow


- Ludmilla Bartscht, 2024


The pond

A pond to immerse oneself in
Full of lights that shimmer and spin.
Golden brown dwells brightly
Lighting up in a glow.
Velvet blue gleams softly
Inviting love to show.

In expectation to touch deeper
The surface is open to both
Easily letting space for growth.
And everything tastes sweeter.

Blue and Golden: beauty on their own.
Flowing and growing in gentle grace
Holding the other in tender embrace.
A pond of remarkable blend
Made to blossom and never end.
Golden and Blue: liquid love of home.

- Ludmilla Bartscht, 2023

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